Our Vision:

JTAC Ranch was created with the goal of providing a facility where shooting enthusiasts and professionals can train effectively and have fun doing what they enjoy. Our goal in managing the facility is to strike a healthy balance between “having a good time” and “keeping things professional”. This is the primary drive behind our membership system vs public access. Membership gives us the opportunity to build a community in and around the range by vetting members, allowing for a more hands-off approach without compromising safety or quality. Every member can have the peace of mind knowing that the person next to them knows what they’re doing and shares their enthusiasm. Our RSOs are on hand not to be oppressive nitpickers, but to facilitate a fun and safe environment and lend help where they can.


Stephen Jaeb:
Founder and Owner

  • Developed commercial real estate in Central Florida for over 20 years.
  • Business investor, developing multiple startup and emerging technology companies.
  • A lifelong firearms and fitness enthusiast.
  • Co-founder of The Tactical Games.

Joel Jaeb:
Business Manager

  • Over 6 years of experience in the firearms industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Management
  • Business Development
  • CEO of JTAC Industries

Ben Brown:
Operations Manager

  • Over 12 years of experience working in the firearms industry.
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Armoring
  • Management
  • Photography/Videography
  • Consulting
  • Shooting Sports competitor in 3 Gun, 2 Gun, IDPA, & The Tactical Games.
  • Owner of Wise Men Company & PTR Media Group.
  • NRA Certified Instructor.


Ben Brown:
RSO and Core Curriculum Instructor

  • Shooting Sports competitor in 3 Gun, 2 Gun, IDPA, & The Tactical Games.
  • Owner of Wise Men Company & PTR Media Group.
  • NRA Certified Instructor.

Quentin Morgan:
Precision Rifle Instructor

  • Active SWAT Sniper Team Leader
  • Former US Army Reconnaissance (RECCE) Platoon Sniper
  • Multiple combat deployments (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom)
  • Certified FDLE Firearms Instructor.
  • Sponsored Competitive Precision Rifle Shooter

Eric Roscher:
RSO and Core Curriculum Instructor

  • 12 years of Military Service.
  • 11 years as Air Force Special Warfare TACP (Tactical Air Control Party/ JTAC)
  • Tactical Shooting Instructor
  • Army/Air Force Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Fast Rope Master
  • Owner of Barrel & Hatchet Training Group
  • Armorer
  • NRA Certified Shooting Instructor.


Located in Nichols, Florida just south of Highway 60, our facility provides a broad range of opportunities for tactical and precision shooters to train and hone their skills.

Our 2000-yard precision range is the longest in the state, featuring known and unknown distance targets, elevated shooting positions and opportunities for unconventional firing positions. This setup is complemented by our 500-yard range which enables rifle zeroing and training for most hunting applications. Proceeding from long range to medium range, we have two twin 100-yard by 45-yard square bays for both static and movement-based carbine and rifle training. These bays will support a plethora of movement drills, including barrier and vehicle work.  All our ranges will feature covered and uncovered shooting positions to suit various types of training. Our non-range facilities include an obstacle course, gym building and plenty of shade trees to stay out of the heat.