Frequently Asked Questions

Is JTAC Ranch open to the public?

No, JTAC Ranch is a membership and training range only. In order to access the facility, one must either apply for membership or sign up for training courses.

Can nonmembers sign up for training courses?

Yes, nonmembers can sign up for all training courses provided they meet the prerequisites for any given course. (For prerequisites please see training course descriptions)

When will we initiate membership signups?

Signups will initiate some time in October 2019. We will provide announcements through our email list, website and social media. The most reliable way to be notified is our email list.

How do I get on the waiting list for membership?

We do not currently have a waiting list. Membership is first come first serve.

Do you have a cap on the total number of members?

Yes, there is currently a cap of 300 total members at opening. We may raise this limit in the future; however, it will depend heavily on facility usage, membership level distribution and future capacity.

Are there any membership slots left?

Yes, as of this date there are still slots available, however the number is shrinking day by day. So make sure you are on the list if you want to join!

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, we are committed to ensuring that our members can always upgrade their membership and there is no fee for doing so. Whatever remaining balance a member has on their account at the time of upgrade will be deducted from their new membership dues.

What are the membership requirements?

All members must be approved on an individual basis by JTAC Ranch staff. Once approved, prospective members must pass our basic safety course as well as background check. (A Concealed Weapons Permit can substitute for the background check)

What activities are allowed on the range?

For activity information please see our membership information pages. Activities allowed on the range depend on both demonstrated skills and membership levels.

Have More questions?

Email us at info@jtacranch.com