Open Gym

Open Gym is a continuous training program that allows pre-approved Ultra members to run through courses of fire. These courses of fire test members’ abilities and they can receive instruction on improving their performance with a firearm.  Open Gym is a 2-hour time block consisting of individual and team-based stages. These stages focus on performance-based shooting while incorporating rigorous physical activity.  

Parameters for participating in Open Gym

    • Must be an approved Ultra Member. Ultra-Members can be approved by attending at least one JTAC Ranch carbine or pistol course or providing proof of attendance at training courses from reputable instructors. Approval will be given by the General Manager or Head Range Officer. 
    • Open Gym is a physically demanding environment. An individual must be able to carry out the tasks at hand without injuring themselves or the other members. If you choose not to perform an exercise or movement, a scaled-down option will be provided. 
    • Minimum equipment needed. 
    • A quality Kydex or injection molded holster with active retention. NO Blackhawk, leather, nylon, or drop-leg holsters. 
    • An AR or AK platform. 
    • Rifle must have a sling. 
    • Close-toe shoes. 
    • Ear and eye protection. 
    • Minimum 50 rounds of handgun & 50 rounds of rifle.  
    • Rifle and handgun must be zeroed.  

Open Gym Rules 


  • None of the 4 Fundamental Firearms Safety rules will be violated during Open Gym. Violation of these rules will count against the member’s safety record and may result in expulsion from the event. 
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.  
  • Never point your firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy 
  • Assume every firearm is loaded. 
  • Know your target and what lies beyond it. 
  • The loading and unloading of firearms will take place on the side berms with muzzles pointed into the berms OR at the beginning of a stage when the RO instructs to “load and make ready”.  
  • If the firearm has a manual safety, it must be engaged when not actively firing at a target. 
  • Handguns will remain holstered until it is time for the member to run the stage. 
  • Rifles will have the safety on and slung or placed in a safe staging area while waiting for a stage to start.  
  • If a member misses the safety brief and stage explanation at the beginning of Open Gym they will not be permitted to participate. 
  • Failure to follow an RO’s instructions will result in expulsion from Open Gym.  
  • A negligent discharge of a firearm or “flagging” another participant will result in immediate expulsion from Open Gym and possible suspension.  
  • Verbal and/or physical altercations with other members or the staff will result in an immediate termination of your membership.