Remote Enthusiast Membership

Remote Enthusiast Membership


Our Remote Enthusiast Membership is for shooters primarily interested stationary shooting with more freedom and facilities than your average range who live at a greater distance from the range or intend to visit infrequently. It provides all the same benefits as our normal Enthusiast membership with a different pricing structure.

Membership signups are currently open! Please sign up for the safety and evaluation course via the Event Calendar to begin the membership application process. After completing the course, members will be given access to the membership signup page.

Cost: $190 per year (Plus Tax) (5 entries per year) ($60 per entry after the 5th)

Qualifications: Pass safety course and background check


  • 100yd square bays
  • 500yd rifle range
  • 10% discount on all firearm courses
  • Access to pro-shop sales
  • Draw and fire and online tactical reloads allowed (Pass basic firearm handling test)
  • Up drills and turn and shoot drills allowed (Pass Level 1 Tactical Firearms Test)

(All firing must be stationary. Shooting and moving are not permitted without authorization. Either the Basic Firearms Handling Course or a passing score on the Basic Firearms Handling Test (no charge) is required to draw from holster and speed reload. For up drills and turn and shoot drills either a passing score on the Level 1 Tactical Firearms Test (no charge), or completion of the Level 1 Tactical Rifle and Pistol Courses.)

Guests and Family Members

  • Guests will be charged $25 (Weekdays), and $35 (Weekends) per entry
  • Children under the age of 18 and spouses enter for free on all ranges
  • A maximum of 3 guests/family members per member per visit
  • Each member is responsible for their guests/family members
  • Safety violations by guests will be retained on record and can result in revoking of member’s guest privileges.
  • Each guest must watch instructional safety video (Safety course not required. Members are responsible for their guests)
  • Guests are not permitted to participate in any activities beyond what is allowed under either a Enthusiast or Precision Membership.
  • Testing and activity requirements for guests are the same as for Enthusiast or Precision Members with the exception of the Firearm Safety Course. (Members are responsible to ensure that their guests follow all safety rules)
  • Members must be present at the range whenever guests are present
  • Minors must always be accompanied by their legal guardian