Facility is Permanently Closed

Our facility provides a broad range of opportunities for tactical and precision shooters to train and hone their skills. Our 2000-yard precision range is the longest in the state, featuring known and unknown distance targets, elevated shooting positions and opportunities for unconventional firing positions.



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Located in Nichols, Florida- JTAC Ranch provides a high-quality venue for training and instruction across the spectrum of tactical and recreational shooting.

Range Rules

  1. Guests are the members responsibility. All guests must immediately be checked in at the office after arriving on the property. You are allowed 3 guests per member.

  2. No switching positions with a loaded firearm

  3. Guns on table must be cleared

  4. Do not leave firearms unattended

  5. Do not leave minors unattended

  6. Be mindful of the shooters you share the range with. (Be considerate and leave your ego at home)

  7. When range is called cold all firearms must be cleared and placed on table or holstered

  8. No handling of firearms while range is cold

  9. Range is cleared hot when all shooters agree range is hot and all shooters are behind the line (Please be considerate of other shooters time and do not hold the range cold for no reason)

  10. Always keep muzzles pointed down range

  11. No outside steel targets are allowed on any range

  12. No armor piercing, dud-producing or incendiary ammunition

  13. No smoking on the firing line

  14. Entrance to the range is not permitted if visibly intoxicated

  15. Firearms must be holstered, kept in a case or chamber-flagged when moving between ranges unless otherwise authorized

  16. Demonstrate safe firearm handling while performing basic target shooting

As a privately owned and operated facility JTAC Ranch reserves the right to refuse entrance to the range and/or ask individuals to leave the premises for failure to comply with facility guidelines and safety procedures.